Vision Fuel Cell Weekly 丨 Germany's first liquid hydrogen aircraft with a range of 1,500 kilometres; Guangxi, Xinjiang, Qingdao and other places released hydrogen energy-related policies

Sep 21, 2023

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Industry Dynamic

Tangshan Gas Hydrogenation Station EPC Bidding: 15m³ hydrogen storage cylinder set, 2 sets of 35MPa hydrogenator

September 20, Tangshan City Gas Group issued a hydrogen station project EPC tender notice, it is reported that the project is located in the south side of South New Road, Tiexi Road, east side of the Lubei District of Tangshan City, gas station, the project is set to store hydrogen cylinder group of 15 cubic metres, hydrogen long-tube trailer bit 2 (which is a fixed parking space, the volume is calculated, the 26 cubic metres of water volume of about 380kg), the purchase of two 45MPa compressor, a sequence control panel, 2 35MPa hydrogenators, 2 compressor chillers, 1 hydrogenator chiller and 2 unloading columns.

Irish Rail attempts to convert diesel trains to hydrogen internal combustion engine trains

Recently, Irish Rail announced that it will attempt to convert diesel engines to hydrogen internal combustion engines. This is technology that is still in its infancy, and while it is not as efficient as a fuel cell, some believe it will have a lower upfront cost.

Irish Rail is Ireland's state-owned rail operator, established in 1987, operating intercity trains, commuter trains, wagons, and jointly with Northern Ireland Railways, the Dublin to Belfast Enterprise. As of 2009, it carried 38 million passengers. Ireland is the only EU member state not to have implemented EU Directive 91/440 and related legislation, but a reorganisation consultation is expected in 2012.

TotalEnergies launches tender for green hydrogen, 500,000 tonnes per year to supply six European refineries!

TotalEnergies TotalEnergies plans to supply 500,000 tonnes of green hydrogen per year by 2030 to its six refineries in Europe (as well as two biofuel refineries) to replace the grey hydrogen currently utilised by these plants. This green hydrogen will require around 5GW of electrolysers and 10GW of dedicated renewable energy, an investment of around €14bn.

The move is part of Total Energy's plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from its oil and gas operations by 40 per cent by 2030. The grey hydrogen currently produced by Total Energy from undiluted natural gas is currently used to desulphurise crude oil in refineries and to produce diesel and jet fuel through the hydrocracking process.

Germany's first liquid hydrogen-powered aircraft has a range of 1,500 kilometres!

According to the Energy Live News website, the experimental flight was carried out using the "HY4" prototype aircraft, which took off from Maribor, Slovenia. Equipped with a hydrogen-electric fuel cell system and powered by liquid hydrogen stored at low temperatures, the aircraft has demonstrated its efficiency in several test flights and has the prospect of significantly extending the aircraft's range. By replacing gaseous hydrogen with liquid hydrogen, the HY4 aircraft could double its maximum range to 1,500 kilometres.

Industry Policies

Up to RMB 5,000, Guangxi's "Love New Car" Campaign Subsidises Hydrogen, Electric and Fuel Vehicles

On 18th September, Guangxi Department of Commerce issued the "2023 Guangxi "Aishang new car" car purchase subsidy activity announcement", after 15th September, the individual purchase of new energy vehicles will be given 2,000-5,000 yuan subsidy, of which 30,000 new energy vehicle purchase subsidy quota. The purchase of more than 35,000 yuan of new energy vehicles or more than 50,000 yuan of fuel cars, but also to participate in the purchase of the lucky draw, three times a total of 180 winning consumers to give the cloud flash payment bonus reward amount, of which 20,000 yuan of red packets of 60, 2,000 yuan of red packets of 120.

New energy vehicles refer to the use of non-conventional motor fuels as a power source (or the use of conventional motor fuels and new types of motor power units), vehicle power control and drive and other advanced technologies in one of the advanced technical principles, new technologies, new structure of the car, including hybrid vehicles, pure electric vehicles (BEV, including solar cars), fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV), hydrogen engine vehicles, other New energy vehicles (e.g. high efficiency energy storage devices and dimethyl ether).

Xinjiang Hami to Release Hydrogen Industry Demonstration Zone Construction Plan

On September 18, the 13th executive meeting of the second session of the People's Government of Hami City, Xinjiang, the meeting considered and adopted the Hami Hydrogen Energy Industry Demonstration Zone Construction Programme. The meeting stressed that it is necessary to combine Hami's hydrogen energy resource endowment and the actual application, seize the opportunity, focus on development and application, coordinate the hydrogen energy industry layout in Hami City, and promote the construction of hydrogen energy industry demonstration zone in an orderly manner, as well as to build up the safety awareness, and constantly improve the operation and management of hydrogen refilling stations to institutionalise and standardise the level, so as to promote healthy and rapid development of the hydrogen energy industry.

Maximum subsidy of 4.5 million yuan/station! Ordos 14 measures to support the development of hydrogen energy industry

Recently, Erdos Municipal People's Government Office issued "On the Issuance of Several Measures to Support the Development of Hydrogen Energy Industry" (hereinafter referred to as "Measures") to support the high-quality development of hydrogen energy industry and accelerate the creation of hydrogen energy demonstration base.

The Measures propose to support the construction of green hydrogen generation projects. During the period of 2022-2025, the main body of the integrated wind and light hydrogen production project that lands in Erdos and has a hydrogen production capacity of more than 5,000 tonnes/year will be given a rebate subsidy in accordance with the actual sales volume of green hydrogen (for the integrated green hydrogen production of chemicals project, the green hydrogen production volume will be approved by the third-party company), and the subsidy for the period of 2022-2023 will be 4,000 yuan/tonne in 2022-2023, 3,000 yuan/tonne in 2024, and 2,000 yuan/tonne in 2025. The subsidy funds will be borne by the municipal finance and flag district finance in the ratio of 1:1.

Qingdao issued a special plan for the layout of hydrogen refuelling stations: 80 public hydrogen refuelling stations are planned in the long term.

Recently, Qingdao released the "Qingdao Hydrogen Station Layout Special Plan (2021-2035)". The Plan forecasts the number of constructions in the city. According to the national automotive industry development goals and new energy vehicle technology development trends, it is predicted that the total number of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in Qingdao will reach 26,000 in 2035, and 80 public hydrogen refuelling stations will be planned in accordance with the principle of moderately ahead of schedule. Among them, the near-term construction plan is also clear - the near-term combined with the needs of the surrounding users, the layout of the planned 14 hydrogen refuelling stations. At the same time, in order to accelerate the demonstration and promotion of hydrogen refuelling stations, 11 stations will be constructed for self-use in conjunction with bus stations, harbours, industrial parks, etc., with a total of 25 stations.