Vision Fuel Cell Weekly丨Zibo, Anyang and Shijiazhuang release hydrogen energy-related announcements, Hangzhou carries out technical research on liquid-driven hydrogen compressors, and a complete ban on the sale of oil vehicles in Hainan Province by 2030

Aug 24, 2022

【Policy】60,000 tons/year of hydrogen supply capacity by 2025! Medium and Long-term Plan for the Development of Hydrogen Energy Industry in Zibo City (2022-2030)" was issued

On August 24, the People's Government of Zibo City issued the Medium and Long-term Plan for the Development of Hydrogen Energy Industry in Zibo City (2022-2030).

The development objectives are

The first stage (2022) is the comprehensive start-up period of the hydrogen energy industry. Gather more than 30 enterprises related to the hydrogen energy industry, the production capacity of fuel cell engines will reach 2,000 units, the production capacity of fuel cell vehicles will reach 300 units, and the production capacity of hydrogen gas (external supply) will reach 50,000 tons/year. The total output value of the hydrogen energy industry will exceed RMB 5 billion. A total of 5 hydrogen refuelling stations (including comprehensive energy ports, etc.) will be built; initial results will be achieved in the promotion and application of fuel cell vehicles, with fuel cell vehicles taking the lead in the application of commercial vehicles such as public transport and logistics, and a total of about 300 fuel cell vehicles will be promoted, achieving a diesel (gas) oil replacement of about 10,000 tonnes/year and reducing carbon emissions by about 32,000 tonnes/year.

The second phase (2023 to 2025) is the period of accelerated development of the hydrogen energy industry. Cultivate about 5 well-known enterprises with core competitiveness and influence, fuel cell engine production capacity will reach 4,000 units, fuel cell vehicle production capacity will reach 500 units, and hydrogen production capacity (external supply) will reach 60,000 tons/year. The fuel cell public transportation, urban logistics and distributed power generation equipment industries will achieve a breakthrough, hydrogen energy heavy trucks will be promoted and applied, and the total output value of the hydrogen energy industry will exceed RMB 20 billion. Hydrogen energy will be quantified and promoted in commercial vehicles, passenger cars, distributed energy, energy storage, agriculture and other application fields; a total of 12 hydrogen refuelling stations will be built; a total of 1,000 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will be promoted; diesel (gas) oil will be replaced by about 30,000 tonnes/year; carbon emissions will be reduced by about 100,000 tonnes/year.

The third stage (2026 to 2030) is the period of shaping the advantages of the hydrogen energy industry. About 20 domestic and international famous enterprises and brands with independent intellectual property rights will be cultivated, the localization of core components such as hydrogen fuel cells and electric reactors will be realized, the production capacity of fuel cell engines will reach 50,000 units, the production capacity of fuel cell vehicles will reach 2,000 units, the production capacity of hydrogen gas (external supply) will reach 100,000 tons/year, the high-end passenger cars of hydrogen fuel cells will be industrialized, and the total output value of the hydrogen energy industry will exceed 50 billion yuan. The total output value of the hydrogen energy industry will exceed RMB 50 billion. A total of 20 hydrogen refuelling stations will be built, 4,000 fuel cell vehicles will be promoted, diesel fuel will be replaced by 140,000 tons/year, and carbon emissions will be reduced by about 450,000 tons/year.

Information source: Zibo Municipal People's Government

【Policy】 Interim Measures for the Management of Hydrogen Refueling Stations in Anyang City (Draft for Comments) Released

August 23 - In order to implement the "Action Plan for Accelerating the Construction of Fuel Cell Vehicle Demonstration and Application City Cluster in Henan Province (2022-2025)" and accelerate the development of hydrogen energy industry in Anyang City, the Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau of Anyang City has now completed the Interim Measures for the Management of Hydrogen Refueling Stations for Vehicles in Anyang City (Draft for Public Comments).

【Policy】"Hainan Province Carbon Peak Implementation Plan": By 2030, the sale of fuel cars will be completely banned on the whole island

On 22 August, the People's Government of Hainan Province issued the "Implementation Plan for Carbon Peaking in Hainan Province" (hereinafter referred to as "the Plan").

In terms of hydrogen energy, the Programme states that

1. Develop non-fossil energy in high proportion. Establish a whole industrial chain of hydrogen production, storage and transportation as well as hydrogen use, and create a hydrogen development path of one zone (hydrogen industry first demonstration zone), one ring (island-wide scenario application demonstration ring) and multiple points (hydrogen industry development landing platform).

2. Innovate a new model of low-carbon tourism development. Promote the low-carbon development of tourism transportation and carry out pilot demonstration of hydrogen-fueled vehicle application in Wanning, Qionghai, Lingshui, Wenchang and other cities and counties.

3. Strive to cultivate low-carbon high-tech industries. Through the combination of green electricity to produce hydrogen and capture carbon dioxide, explore and carry out engineering research on carbon dioxide to methanol, and go up the industrial chain of technology research and development, design and manufacture of new high-end equipment manufacturing, and go down the industry of carbon-based new materials, methanol fuel cells, new green chemicals, multi-power intelligent regulation and control, etc., while supplementing it with the manufacture of high value-added economic products based on technologies such as microalgae biological carbon fixation.

4. Vigorously promote the application of new energy vehicles and vessels. Accelerate the elimination of old ships with high energy consumption, high emissions and low efficiency, and speed up the application of new energy sources such as electricity and hydrogen in the field of ships. By 2025, the proportion of new and replacement vehicles in public services and social operations using clean energy will reach 100%. By 2030, the sale of oil-fired vehicles will be completely banned island-wide.

5. Strengthen research and development of key low-carbon core technologies. Focus on key areas such as clean energy substitution, energy conservation and emission reduction, based on application orientation, strengthen research and development of low-carbon, zero-carbon and carbon-negative technologies, and strengthen cutting-edge exploration and innovative practices in key areas such as fossil energy, renewable energy, hydrogen energy, energy storage, industrial process reengineering, carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS), and ecological carbon sinks.

Information source: Hainan Provincial People's Government

【Policy】 Subsidy of 5 million! Hangzhou carries out liquid-driven hydrogen compressor technology research

On August 18, Hangzhou Science and Technology Bureau issued a document to organize the declaration of Hangzhou Science and Technology Bureau's 2022 major scientific research and development projects in the field of carbon daftness and carbon neutrality.

Among the projects declared, the hydrogen energy industry technology includes the key core technology research for high-pressure hydrogen refuelling, details of which are shown below.

Main research content: technical improvement of high-pressure hydrogen liquid-driven compressor, a key core accessory in the process of hydrogen energy storage, using oil mist isolation structure and other ways to achieve isolation of hydraulic oil and oil mist into the cylinder to pollute hydrogen. Research and development of the whole station control logic, intelligent equipment control, all-round monitoring of equipment safety, improvement of efficient refuelling accuracy and intelligent equipment for one-touch refuelling.

Performance targets: hydrogen refuelling accuracy <±1.5%; hydrogen discharge inlet pressure 12.5MPa, outlet pressure 45MPa, flow rate >500Nm3/h; leakage <5Nml/min; refuelling flow rate 0.1~3.6Kg/min, seal service life ≥4000h. 6-8 applications for patents and software copyrights etc., 1-2 standards/specifications, 10 application cases. 10 application cases of hydrogen refuelling stations.

【Policy】"Shijiazhuang Hydrogen Energy Industry Development "14th Five-Year Plan": Declare National Model City Cluster, Current Subsidies According to the Standard of Sister Cities

Recently, Shijiazhuang Development and Reform Commission released the "Response to the Recommendation No. 165 of the Second Session of the 15th People's Congress of Shijiazhuang City".

The main contents are as follows

I. Actively carry out demonstration applications of fuel cell vehicles

Accelerate the creation of hydrogen fuel cell vehicle bus demonstration lines, layout 1-2 lines to run hydrogen vehicles on a pilot basis; among the newly procured new energy dump trucks and sanitation vehicles, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles account for about 10%; support the promotion of the use of hydrogen vehicles for logistics and moving and dumping vehicles in parks such as High-tech Zone, Shijiazhuang Economic and Technological Development Zone, Zhengding New Area and Chemical Industry Park; support enterprises with a large amount of handling in factories such as Jingye Group and Shi Steel. Promote the use of hydrogen vehicles, from point to point, to promote the development and growth of the city's hydrogen energy industry. By 2025, we will strive to apply about 800 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

II. Coordinate the balance between the promotion and use of hydrogen energy and the supply of resources

Coordinate the demand side of hydrogen energy promotion and utilization with the supply side of industrial by-product hydrogen and renewable energy hydrogen production resources, and strengthen the balance of supply and demand. During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the city will focus on promoting the demonstration application of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, mainly in the fields of public transport, logistics, dump trucks, dump trucks and sanitation to realize hydrogen energy substitution, with the scale of promotion reaching more than 800-1000 vehicles and the annual hydrogen demand of hydrogen energy vehicles reaching 8000-10000 tons. After the projects of Hebei Qiming 4600Nm3/h hydrogen energy comprehensive utilization, Jinxin hydrogen energy biomass high temperature gasification green hydrogen and carbon dioxide capture demonstration, Xibaipo power plant electrolysis water hydrogen production and Huadian Fuxin Shijiazhuang new energy company's photovoltaic green power green hydrogen production are completed and put into operation, it is expected that the annual output of hydrogen will reach 11,000 tons, plus the existing industrial by-production capacity of 20,000 tons of hydrogen, which can effectively protect the city's hydrogen energy promotion with hydrogen demand It will also take into account the supply of hydrogen resources from sister cities in the province.

Implementation of hydrogen fuel cell production line project

Introduce domestic and foreign hydrogen fuel cell production lines with low cost, long life, high temperature resistance and high efficiency to promote the high-quality and sustainable development of the city's hydrogen energy industry. During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, support the China National Vehicle Group, Chery Group, Shi Coal Machine and New Universe to develop hydrogen fuel cell vehicles such as logistics vehicles, engineering vehicles, forklifts, platform vehicles and tractor trucks on the existing basis, and improve the performance of key indicators such as reliability, range and driving economy of vehicles, so as to lay the foundation for the rapid development of hydrogen energy industry in the city. Focus on planning the construction of the hydrogen fuel cell reactor production base with an investment of 1 billion yuan and the hydrogen energy vehicle production base with an investment of 4 billion yuan of Hebei Breeze New Energy Automobile Co.

Information source: Shijiazhuang Development and Reform Commission

【Policy】 Hydrogen energy helps double carbon action in 7 major areas! Ministry of Science and Technology and 9 other departments jointly issued the Implementation Plan for Science and Technology to Support Carbon Peaking and Carbon Neutrality (2022-2030)

On August 18, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the Ministry of Housing and Construction, the Ministry of Transport, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Academy of Engineering and the National Energy Administration jointly issued the "Implementation Plan for Science and Technology to Support Carbon Peaking and Carbon Neutrality (2022-2030)" (hereinafter referred to as "the Plan").

In the area of hydrogen energy, the Programme states that

1. Hydrogen energy technologies. Research and development of efficient and low-cost hydrogen production technologies from renewable energy sources, large-scale physical and chemical hydrogen storage technologies, large-scale and long-distance pipeline hydrogen transmission technologies, and hydrogen energy safety technologies; explore and develop new types of hydrogen production and storage technologies.

2. Low carbon and zero carbon steel. Research and development of integrated optimization technologies for all-scrap electric furnace processes, hydrogen-rich or pure hydrogen gas smelting technologies, integrated steel-chemical co-production technologies, and high-quality ecological steel material preparation technologies.

3. Low-carbon zero-carbon chemical industry. For petrochemical, coal chemical and other high-carbon emission chemical production processes, research and development of renewable energy scale hydrogen production technology, crude oil refining short process technology, multi-energy coupling process technology, green biochemical technology and intelligent low-carbon upgrading and transformation technology.

4. Advanced low-carbon and zero-carbon technology demonstration projects. (1) Zero-carbon/low-carbon energy demonstration projects: Strengthen the research on the whole chain technology of hydrogen production-storage transmission-use, and organize and implement the "hydrogen in 10,000 homes" technology demonstration project; build demonstration projects on clean and efficient utilization of coal, flexible peaking of coal-fired units, and preparation of chemicals from coal in coal-rich areas. (2) Demonstration projects on low/zero carbon industrial process reengineering: to build integrated demonstration projects on large-scale hydrogen-rich gas smelting, biomass fuel/hydrogen/renewable energy power substitution, renewable energy production chemicals, high-performance inert anodes and new process reengineering in key industries such as iron and steel, cement, chemical industry and non-ferrous metals.

Information source: Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China