Vision Fuel Cell Weekly丨Guangxi Province, Jiuquan City issue 14th Five-Year Plan for hydrogen energy; World's first offshore hydrogen-in-place wind turbine to be completed by 2025

Sep 8, 2022

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Industry】Investment of 30 billion, annual production capacity of 250,000 tons of green hydrogen Sunlight-by-Sunlight-Green Hydrogen Whole Industry Chain First Launch Area

On September 2, the "Sun by Sun - Green Hydrogen Full Industry Chain Premiere Area - Weifang Shouguang Zhongwei Solar Energy Efficient Hydrogen Production Project" was officially launched, which will strongly drive the implementation of the ecological protection and high-quality development strategy of the Yellow River Basin, promote green low-carbon transformation development, deepen the The project will contribute to the implementation of the ecological protection and high-quality development strategy of the Yellow River basin, promote green and low-carbon transformation and development, deepen the transformation of the old and new dynamics, play a leading role in the Shandong Peninsula city cluster, and contribute to the new economic development model of the transformation and quality improvement of cities along the Yellow River and the orderly development of green ecology.

The project of the first development area, which was started this time, closely follows the requirements of the "Hydrogen in Ten Thousand Homes" project in Shandong, covering a total area of 28,000 mu, with a planned investment of 30 billion yuan and an annual production capacity of 250,000 tons of green hydrogen. The project will form six application scenarios, including a smart hydrogen highway, a smart cogeneration energy station, a hydrogen smart equipment park, a hydrogen smart cold chain logistics park, a smart three-dimensional breeding base and a hydrogen science base, which will initially form a "hydrogen chain The project will initially form a pattern of "hydrogen chain" industrial ecological cluster development. As the first industrial park in China to obtain a project permit for disc-type photothermal high-efficiency hydrogen production, the Shouguang Industrial Park, where the project is located, marks a breakthrough in the field of hydrogen production technology.

Information source: Polaris Hydrogen Energy Network

【Policy】Guangxi Energy Development "14th Five-Year Plan": actively cultivate the hydrogen energy industry chain and promote infrastructure construction in a coordinated manner

On September 1, the 14th Five-Year Plan for Energy Development in Guangxi was issued.

One of the aspects of hydrogen energy states that

There has been a breakthrough in energy innovation capabilities. The construction of new power systems has made phased progress, with advanced renewable energy power generation and comprehensive utilization technologies, new power systems and their supporting technologies, advanced nuclear energy technologies, digital and intelligent technologies for energy systems, safe and efficient energy storage and hydrogen energy technologies, pollution and carbon reduction technologies, energy industry technologies and equipment accelerating their application and promotion, and a number of demonstration projects for new forms of business such as new energy storage, source-grid, load-storage integration and multi-energy complementarity completed.

Priority will be given to the demonstration of new business models such as smart grids, park-level source-grid, load-storage integration, integrated energy supply service stations, charging and switching stations, and hydrogen energy, and the cultivation of integrated energy services and smart electricity consumption models.

Actively cultivate the hydrogen energy industry chain. We will plan the development layout of the hydrogen energy industry, actively cultivate the industrial chain of green and low-carbon hydrogen energy production, storage and transportation, refilling, application and fuel cells, and strengthen the R&D, manufacturing and industrialization of core components and key equipment. Combined with the technological upgrading of the new energy vehicle industry, it will actively develop key products such as hydrogen fuel cell systems, hydrogen refuelling stations, hydrogen supply systems and hydrogen storage facilities, accelerate the conversion of technological innovation achievements and commercial application of Yuchai's hydrogen-fueled engines, and strive to build an advanced hydrogen energy vehicle industry chain in China.

Information source: Guangxi People's Government

【Policy】State Council: Supporting Qingdao Port in Shandong to expand the use of hydrogen energy and implement the "Hydrogen in Ten Thousand Homes" technology demonstration project

On September 2, the State Council issued the Opinions on Supporting Shandong to Deepen the Conversion of New and Old Dynamic Energy to Promote Green, Low-Carbon and High-Quality Development.

One of the aspects of hydrogen energy states.

Support Qingdao Port to expand the use of hydrogen energy and Rizhao Port to build a smart green demonstration port for bulk dry cargo, and build a medium- and long-distance green freight system with electrified railways and energy-saving and environmentally friendly ships.

To build an offshore "energy island" integrating wind energy development, hydrogen energy utilization, seawater desalination and marine pasture construction, etc.

Implement the "Hydrogen in Ten Thousand Homes" technology demonstration project, and build an innovative application ecology with the development of the whole chain of production, storage, transmission and use.

Source: State Council

Policy] World's first offshore hydrogen-in-place turbine to be built by 2025

Swedish developer Vattenfall has recently announced that it has received £9.3 million in funding from the UK government to attempt to build the world's first in-situ hydrogen generating offshore wind turbine at its Aberdeen offshore wind farm development.

Located in Aberdeen Bay, Scotland, approximately 3km offshore, the Aberdeen Offshore Wind Farm has an installed capacity of 93.2MW with 11 Vestas 8MW turbines (two capable of being upgraded to 8.8MW and nine capable of being upgraded to 8.4MW) and is the first wind farm in the world to use a catenary suction tube foundation.

The project was originally planned for commissioning in 2015, but was delayed until 2018 after former US President Donald Trump sued the wind farm for affecting the view from his golf course on the coast.

The demonstration project, called Hydrogen Turbine 1 (HT1), will see one of the turbines selected by Great Falls to install a proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolytic water production plant on a catenary platform, which will produce hydrogen The hydrogen produced will be transported via a subsea pipeline to the Port of Aberdeen, with a target completion date of 2025. It is predicted that the turbine will produce enough hydrogen to power a hydrogen bus for 24,000km per day.

Information source: European Offshore Wind

【Policy】 Gansu Jiuquan's 14th Five-Year Plan for Energy Development: Accelerating the Layout of Green Hydrogen and Developing Equipment Manufacturing Industry

Recently, Jiuquan Municipal People's Government issued the "14th Five-Year Plan for Energy Development in Jiuquan", in which hydrogen energy is mentioned as follows

Industrial layout of hydrogen energy - take advantage of the "Belt and Road" channel, focus on the strategic deployment of the construction of the "Jiujia twin-city economic circle", in accordance with the provincial " One corridor, two demonstration zones, two bases" development requirements, based on the resource endowment of each county (city, district) and the existing hydrogen energy-related industries, focus on building "a district, a park, a centre, three bases" hydrogen energy industry layout, to ensure the sustainable development of the hydrogen energy industry.

The key task is to accelerate the development of green hydrogen energy. Focus on relying on the existing industrial parks and industrial bases in Yumen, Guazhou and Jinta counties (cities and districts), lay out and build green hydrogen production and storage bases of 50,000 tons/year in Yumen, 30,000 tons/year in Guazhou and 20,000 tons/year or more in Jinta, extend the chain and complement the chain in the fields of new energy hydrogen production, storage, transportation, refilling, application and hydrogen energy equipment manufacturing, introduce downstream projects such as synthetic ammonia, urea and methanol, and drive the development of the whole industrial chain of hydrogen energy.

The development of hydrogen energy equipment manufacturing industry introduces the cultivation of hydrogen energy equipment manufacturing industry, focusing on building a hydrogen energy equipment manufacturing industry system integrating hydrogen production, storage and transportation, refilling and terminal application, and gradually building a hydrogen energy equipment industry chain. In the Jiuquan Economic and Technological Development Zone, we will lay out and build a hydrogen energy equipment industry base, use the investment mechanism of exchanging resources for industry, and promote the introduction of hydrogen energy equipment manufacturing projects to Jiuquan. Encourage enterprises to join together in depth, promote the collaboration between the upstream and downstream of the industry chain, and build a high-quality hydrogen energy equipment industry cluster.

Accelerate the construction of the hydrogen energy industry base of the electric energy consumption system, give full play to the advantages of Jiuquan's new energy industry, encourage the development of renewable energy "green power hydrogen production", industrial by-production hydrogen, downstream chemical enterprises with hydrogen, satellite launch liquid hydrogen fuel, Dunhuang tourism scenic area hydrogen fuel cell car and other industries, and strive to make Jiuquan the most influential in the western region. Green hydrogen energy comprehensive utilization base.

Information source: Jiuquan Municipal People's Government

【Policy】Russian Energy Agency: China is the most promising market for hydrogen energy in Russia

China is the most promising market for hydrogen energy in Russia, Alexei Kulapin, director general of the Russian Energy Agency (REA) at the Russian Ministry of Energy, told RIA Novosti on the sidelines of the Eastern Economic Forum on September 6, RIA Novosti reported.

Russian Energy Minister Nikolai Shulginov said in June that Russia had expected to cooperate with European countries in its hydrogen energy development plans, but against the backdrop of recent geopolitical events, it was now time to either create Russian demand for hydrogen energy or shift future exports to the East, to countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

According to the Concept for the development of hydrogen energy in the Russian Federation approved in 2021, the potential size of hydrogen energy exports to the world market could reach 200,000 tons in 2024, 2-12 million tons in 2035 and 15-50 million tons in 2050, depending on the pace of development of the global low-carbon economy and the growth of demand for hydrogen energy on the world market. Energy Minister Nikolai Shulginov had said in June that hydrogen energy remained relevant, but that plans for its development would have to be adjusted.

Information source: RIA Novosti