Hydrogen Experience 丨Spring and Outing

Apr 20, 2023

In addition to the greenery, a team of hydrogen commuters, supported by Vision Hydrogen Team, appeared in the "sea of cherry blossoms" and in the countryside, providing visitors with a more environmentally friendly way to travel, using "zero carbon technology" to guard the ecological environment of Wuhan.

01 Hydrogen for Cherry Blossom Viewing

As a famous cherry blossom viewing destination in central China, Wuhan attracts many visitors to the city. When the cherry blossoms bloom, the sky is woven with pink and white tulle. Along the highway, a Vision Hydrogen matching hydrogen bus came quietly to take the visitors safely to the scenic spots. The green, zero-carbon nature of hydrogen energy paired with the vibrant spring looks tacitly complementary.

Please go on an outing

The hydrogen vehicles also played an important role in the spring excursions of primary schools in the city of Wuhan. In order to protect the environment and travel in a low-carbon manner, the hydrogen vehicles supporting the Vision Hydrogen Team became the ideal means of transport for the spring excursions of the primary schools.

At present, these hydrogen vehicles have an average operating range of over 4,000 km. The hydrogen commuter vehicles also have the advantages of fast hydrogen refuelling and a long range, ensuring that students can travel safely and comfortably on their spring excursions.

As a pioneer in the field of hydrogen energy, Vision Hydrogen Team has been committed to promoting the application and popularisation of hydrogen energy technology.

As an important representative of new energy vehicles, hydrogen vehicles will play a greater role in urban transportation in the future. Vision Hydrogen Team will continue to innovate, create safer and more cost-effective products, and promote the progress and development of the hydrogen energy industry.