Hubei Center Power Factory Construction PhraseⅡ

Jul 22, 2015

Recently, Hubei Center Power Tech Co., Ltd. is full of exciting news.Followed by the "Hubei Model Enterprise with Harmonious Labor Relation" award, Hubei Center Power factory construction phraseⅡget started, aiming to build advanced VRLA battery assembly construction. The county party committee, secretary of the commission for discipline inspection He Hongtao and Vision Group Vice President Peng Bin presided over the groundbreaking ceremony.

As a subsidiary of Vision Group, Hubei Center Power iscommitted to VRLA battery production, providing a strong guarantee for Vision development. Last year, Vision Group went into public, with about 400 million RMB financing. It is mainly invested in Hubei Center Power expansion of production scale and infrastructure.

This project is expected to put into operation in the first half of 2016. Two factory buildings and ten new production lines will be built. Once it is realized, Hubei Center Power will reach an annual output of 2.75 million KVA for lead-acid battery and the annual sales income 20 billion RMB, 100 million RMB in tax expenses, and create over 800 new jobs. having been working hard for decades in Jingshan County, Hubei Province, with the sales revenue 4.4 billion RMB, Hubei Center Power has been a large taxpayer in that area for many years.The county party committee, secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection He Hongtao gave full affirmation to Hubei Center Power Tech’ contribution to Jingshan economic development. Meanwhile, all the county departments and Jingshan county economic development are required to continue to provide the best quality and efficient service to Hubei Center Power, providing help on solving the corporate environment assessment, related power supply and subsequent problems such as employee dormitory building, their children’s education. The new assembly production will infuse new vitality to Jingshan county economic development.

Vice President Peng Bin highly appreciated achievements made by Hubei Center Power and showed confidence to its future development. And he said that after the project put into production, Hubei Center Power will build logistics center construction (phase Ⅲ) and gradually bring in plate factory, plastics factory, carton factory and other supporting factories, and striking to become related products center serving for Central China. After the Phase III completed, the sales scale will reach 3.5 billion RMB, and Hubei Center Power will become a new growth point in Jingshan.