GaoGong Hydrogen Power Summit 丨Paper power stack, pushing the industry to a comprehensive upgrade

Jun 15, 2023

On June 12-14, 2023 (the 5th) GaoGong Hydrogen Power Industry Summit was held in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province. Dr. Chen Hong, Vice President of Vision Battery and General Manager of Vision Hydrogen Team, was invited to the event to deliver a keynote speech entitled "The Next Step of Fuel Cells" and to share Vision Hydrogen's upcoming new product: paper power stack.

01 The fuel cell challenge

In the context of energy transition, the development of hydrogen energy industry is of great significance. After a few years of reckless growth, the hydrogen energy industry has won a policy dividend, and new opportunities for the development of sub-sectors, including hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, will be ushered in by the favourable policy. While the industry is developing rapidly, some pain points have also emerged, such as the high cost of product acquisition and use, and the relatively high failure rate.

02 Vision Hydrogen Solutions

In the face of the above challenges, Vision Hydrogen Energy plans to promote the fuel cell business with the idea of industrialization. By making the products affordable and reliable for customers, we mean that through R&D innovation, we can achieve the best price/performance ratio and the industry-leading level of hydrogen consumption, so as to reduce the cost of using hydrogen for customers; by making them reliable, we mean that our downstream customers will be assured of the Vision brand, not only the quality of the products themselves, but also the strength to fulfill the warranty promise. Dr. Chen Hong said: "We are committed to using the best products to win orders from real application scenarios.

03 The next step for Vision Hydrogen Energy

Next, Vision Battery plans to launch a new product - paper power stack. The Vision Hydrogen Power paper stack electrode improves on the strength of graphite and the durability of metal plates, and has many advantages such as high bending strength, thinness, long life, light weight and low cost. Dr. Chen Hong revealed in his speech, "The paper power stack is currently in the sample stage and is expected to be available to everyone by the end of this year".

During the award ceremony, Vision Hydrogen was awarded the "2023 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Industry TOP50" award as a representative force in the industry.

In the face of the opportunities and challenges of the times, Vision Hydrogen Team is committed to craftsmanship and technological innovation to create smart products that users can afford and use with confidence, helping partners win in the age of carbon neutrality.