Energy Storage Weekly 丨November National Peak and Valley Electricity Prices Announced; First International Standard for Virtual Power Plants Officially Released; Sichuan, Zhejiang, and Other Places Release Energy Storage-Related Policies

Oct 31, 2023

China leads! The First International Standard for Virtual Power Plants Officially Released

The international standard "IEC TS 63189-1:2023 Virtual Power Plant - Part I: Architecture and Functional Requirements", led by China Electric Power Research Institute (CEPRI), has been officially released by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

It is reported that the standard is the first international standard for virtual power plants issued by IEC. In addition, the standard puts forward for the first time a unified definition of terms, technical requirements and control architecture for virtual power plants, and clarifies the functional requirements of virtual power plants in terms of power generation forecasting, load forecasting, power generation and consumption planning, adjustable load management, control and management of energy storage devices, coordination and optimisation of distributed power sources, status monitoring, communication, data collection, and so on.

The release of this standard fills the gap of international standards in this field, and provides reference for countries to carry out virtual power plant projects, and plays an important role in promoting the application of virtual power plants.

Peak and valley price difference widens in many regions! National peak and valley tariffs for November 2023 announced!

Recently, the agent power purchase prices of grid enterprises across the country in November 2023 have been announced. in November, 11 regions in Zhejiang, Guangdong, Hebei, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Qinghai, Shandong, Xinjiang, Fujian, and Guangxi are implementing the peak tariffs.

To prepare for the next peak winter, in November, Heilongjiang and Jilin have begun to implement peak tariffs, with the maximum tariff difference exceeding RMB 0.9/kWh. The region with the largest peak-to-valley tariff difference in November is the five cities in Guangdong's Pearl River Delta (PRD), reaching RMB 1.3598/kWh.

According to statistics, in November, a total of 20 areas of peak and valley electricity price difference of more than 0.7 yuan / kWh, an increase of 4 areas than in October. 23 provinces and cities more than 0.6 yuan / kWh.

Promote energy storage cost recovery to establish capacity compensation! The Southern (starting with Guangdong) Electricity Spot Market Construction Implementation Programme (Trial) was issued!

October 27, Guangdong Province Development and Reform Commission, the National Energy Board Southern Supervisory Bureau issued the "South (to start in Guangdong) power spot market construction implementation programme (pilot)". The document proposes: in order to promote the effective recovery of fixed costs such as energy storage power stations, study the establishment of capacity compensation mechanism. The capacity compensation cost standard is measured according to the investment and construction cost of the unit (power station) and the market operation. Subsequent studies will be conducted to establish a capacity market mechanism.

Compensation for variable costs on the power generation side. In order to solve the problem of large differences in fuel costs among different types of units, the power generation side variable cost compensation mechanism is applied to compensate power generation enterprises for the actual amount of power on the grid, so as to realise competition among different types of units on the same platform. The cost of variable cost compensation is borne by all industrial and commercial users.

Peak-valley balancing mechanism. In order to strengthen the connection with the time-sharing tariff policy and guide users to cut peaks and fill valleys, a temporary user-side peak and valley balancing mechanism is established, and the profit and loss funds generated by the application of the peak and valley balancing mechanism are proportionately shared by the market users who purchase electricity.

The construction objective is that the spot market refers to the day-ahead and real-time electricity energy trading market, adopting the mode of all-electricity bidding, and starting in accordance with the mode of "power generation-side quoted quantity, user-side quoted quantity not quoted quantity", and gradually transitioning to the mode of bilateral quoted quantity for power generation and use.

Qinghai: explore large-scale energy storage "two-part tariff", enhance the utilisation rate of energy storage facilities

October 26, Qinghai Development and Reform Commission issued a "strong support for the development of the province's energy storage industry proposal" letter of reply, in accordance with the "14th Five-Year Plan" new energy installed capacity of more than 60 million kilowatts, the utilization rate of more than 90% of the requirements of a reasonable level of the province's New energy storage planning layout, source, network, load side will be built 1 million kilowatts, 5.6 million kilowatts, 100,000 kilowatts of new energy storage, 2025 new energy storage installed capacity will reach 6.7 million kilowatts or more, and effectively improve the new energy utilisation rate.

Sichuan industrial carbon peak programme: vigorously develop lithium-ion batteries, power storage battery industry chain

Recently, the Sichuan Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Office of Ecology and Environment and other three departments jointly issued the "Sichuan industrial carbon peak implementation programme" (hereinafter referred to as "the programme").

The Programme also proposes to comprehensively build a new energy vehicle industry chain supply chain, vigorously develop the whole industry chain of lithium-ion batteries and power storage batteries, and accelerate the research and development and industrialisation of key technologies such as power battery materials, monomers, modules and management systems. Cultivate the introduction of new energy vehicle head enterprises, support the transformation of traditional fuel vehicle enterprises, and form new energy vehicle mass production capacity. Actively develop battery recycling, gradient utilisation and resourceful recycling, explore large-capacity supercapacitor energy storage equipment, and introduce cutting-edge projects such as energy storage power stations, battery managers and electrical controls. Accelerate the construction of charging piles and innovation of power exchange mode, and build a convenient, efficient and moderately advanced charging network system.

Ningbo, Zhejiang: Carry out research and development of advanced energy storage/capacity products such as solid-state batteries and sodium-ion batteries

On October 24, the General Office of Ningbo Municipal People's Government of Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, issued the Ningbo City to accelerate the cultivation and development of future industry action plan, which mentioned, focusing on hydrogen fuel cells, solid-state batteries, new power generation, etc., new breakthroughs in the new proton exchange membrane in the fuel cell, catalysts, and other core technologies, to carry out the research and development of solid-state batteries and sodium-ion batteries and other advanced energy storage/capacity products, and the development of new power generation of the deep and distant sea wind photovoltaics and other Supporting equipment.

Two departments: scientific arrangement of energy storage construction according to the need for scientific planning and configuration of energy storage

October 25, the National Development and Reform Commission National Energy Board issued to strengthen the stability of the power system under the new circumstances of the guiding opinions, which mentioned that the scientific arrangement of energy storage construction. Scientific planning and configuration of energy storage on demand.

The policy mentions that, according to the demand of the power system, coordinate the construction of all kinds of regulating resources, promote the scientific configuration of all kinds of energy storage according to local conditions, form a multi-timescale, multi-application scenarios of power regulation and stability control capacity, improve the characteristics of the new energy output, optimise the load curve, and support a high proportion of new energy transmission. Orderly construction of pumped storage. Promote the construction of pumped storage power stations with conditions in an orderly manner, and explore the application of conventional hydropower to pumped storage and hybrid pumped storage power plant technology, the new pumped storage units should have the function of phase adjustment.

The document also mentions, actively promote the construction of new energy storage. Give full play to the advantages of electrochemical energy storage, compressed air energy storage, flywheel energy storage, hydrogen energy storage, thermal (cold) energy storage and other types of new energy storage, combined with the application scenarios to build a diversified fusion of energy storage development model to enhance the level of safety and security and comprehensive efficiency.