Energy Storage Weekly 丨 Hefei City released the power station equipped with energy storage subsidies, Zhejiang plans to form an annual output of 100GWh energy storage battery manufacturing capacity by 2025

Sep 12, 2023

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Ningxia: By 2025, the scale of charging infrastructure in the region will reach 500 public charging stations, 7 power exchange stations and 3,000 public charging piles.

On 8 September, the Development and Reform Commission of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region issued the Implementation Programme on Further Enhancing the Service Guarantee Capacity of Charging Infrastructure in the Region. The Programme proposes that by 2025, the scale of charging infrastructure in the region will reach 500 public charging stations, 7 power exchange stations, and 3,000 public charging piles, initially completing a charging infrastructure system with wide coverage, moderate scale and reasonable structure.

Subsidies 400 yuan / kWh, 0.4 yuan / kWh! Hefei power exchange station with the construction of energy storage subsidies!

September 5, Anhui Hefei City, Bureau of Economic and Information Technology released "Hefei City, to further promote the promotion and application of new energy vehicles and intelligent networked vehicles, a number of policy implementation details", which refers to the new investment in the power station with the construction of energy storage facilities (energy storage capacity does not exceed the charging module of the power station rated power) according to the battery capacity of the storage facility to give the main body of the investment is not more than 400 yuan / kWh of a one-time construction subsidies.

Central China regional generator set commercial operation implementation rules: independent new energy storage grid commissioning period of up to 5 times the payment of auxiliary service fees

September 8, Central China Energy Regulatory Bureau issued "Central China regional generating units into and out of commercial operation implementation rules (draft)". Hubei, Jiangxi, Chongqing, Tibet, four provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State approved or recorded by the national or local government authorities at the provincial level and above the direct scheduling of power dispatch agencies and independent new energy storage, its entry and exit from the commercial operation of the application of these rules.

The rules stipulate the assessment criteria for different commissioning stages during the grid-connected commissioning period, the first stage. The first stage is the payment of electricity auxiliary service fees in accordance with two times of the assessment standard. That is to say, first pay the "two rules" auxiliary service cost sharing α and peak frequency regulation and other power auxiliary service market cost sharing β according to the normal standard, and then 1 times of the assumed power auxiliary service cost (α + β) from the current month's feed-in tariffs into the "two rules". "Ancillary services compensation cost source.

The main business needs to include energy storage hydrogen energy! Henan Department of Industry and Information Technology selects green microgrid integration service providers for industrial parks!

On 7 September, the Henan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology issued the Notice on Selection of Green Microgrid Integration Service Providers in Industrial Parks. The document points out that the business direction and typical application cases of the declaring unit should include source network, load and storage management system, user-side distributed energy storage management system, user-side energy efficiency management system. The main business should include the integrated application of distributed photovoltaic, decentralised wind power, high-efficiency heat pumps, new types of energy storage, hydrogen energy, residual heat and pressure utilisation, intelligent energy management and control, and so on.

In addition, in the annex, it is required to provide a basic introduction of the supplier, relevant qualifications, technical capabilities, etc., such as: with energy storage, industrial green microgrid and other related engineering design, construction qualifications, etc.. Describe the core technology of independent intellectual property rights owned by the supplier in the business field of energy storage, industrial green microgrid, etc., and the integration, optimisation and engineering application capabilities. Authorised patents and awards related to energy storage and industrial green microgrid.

Energy storage battery 100GWh, new energy storage 3GW! Zhejiang Province to promote the high-quality development of new energy manufacturing industry!

A few days ago, zhejiang province, zhejiang province, the department of economic and information released "zhejiang province to promote the new energy manufacturing industry, the implementation of high quality development opinions (2023-2025)". The implementation of the views pointed out:

Strive to 2025, energy storage revenue exceeded 100 billion yuan, energy storage battery capacity reached 100GWh; new energy storage installed capacity reached 3 million kilowatts.

Create a new energy storage battery industry base. Strengthen the planning convergence, policy synergy, new energy storage battery into the "new star" industrial group catalogue. Support Huzhou, Wenzhou, Jinhua, Quzhou and other places to build "mu hundred billion" new industrial platform, the orderly development of high-efficiency lithium-ion materials, lithium-ion batteries, sodium-ion batteries, liquid current batteries, fuel batteries, the construction of lithium-ion and other full life cycle traceability management platform. Planning for "Around Hangzhou Bay" "Yi Yong Zhou" hydrogen corridor, focusing on large-scale hydrogen energy preparation bases, distributed power generation bases, construction of a number of hydrogen energy storage demonstration projects, planning for the construction of hydrogen islands at sea. Strive to build a new energy storage battery industry cluster core area synergy zone about 2.

Over 1GW/2GWh! Implementation plan for the construction of a new comprehensive energy base in Bijie City, Guizhou Province announced

On September 6, the Bureau of Energy of Bijie City, Guizhou Province, released the "Implementation Plan for the Construction of a New Comprehensive Energy Base in Bijie City", which mentions that it is necessary to encourage the construction of independent energy storage, shared energy storage and other forms of energy storage, and to support the expeditious completion and commissioning of four energy storage demonstration projects of 550MW/1100MWh and three non-demonstration energy storage projects of 480MW/960MWh in 2023, and to continuously promote the new energy projects. Implement energy storage allocation in accordance with the requirement of 10~20% of new energy installed capacity (to meet 2h operation requirement).

125MW/500MWh! EPC bidding for 2GW photovoltaic storage integration phase I energy storage system in Xinjiang, SZENERGY

On 6 September, Shenneng released the EPC tender for the energy storage system of a 500MW PV project in the first phase of the Shule 2GW optical storage integration project. The scale of this energy storage project is 125MW/500MWh, divided into 50 2.5MW/10MWh energy storage units, adopting DC 1500V energy storage system design scheme, and the grid voltage level is 35kV to meet the needs of direct dispatch and joint PV dispatch.

The project is located in Shule County, Kashgar, Xinjiang. It will be boosted to 35kV by a transformer, converged and connected to the 35kV switching station of the 220kV convergence station of the plant. The project plan is scheduled for 30 December 2023 for the grid connection date.

The tender requires the bidder to have at least one EPC or PC or construction general contracting performance of new energy projects such as 50MW and above wind power or photovoltaic, or 30MWh and above energy storage in the past ten years. This project accepts consortium bidding.