Energy Storage Weekly 丨 Chengdu: annual subsidy of 230 yuan per kilowatt for energy storage demonstration projects; Shandong Zaozhuang: strive to reach 80 billion yuan of output value of lithium industry in 2025

Oct 26, 2023

Shandong Zaozhuang: strive to 2025 lithium industry output value of 80 billion yuan

A few days ago, Shandong Zaozhuang City Government issued "Zaozhuang City Carbon Peak Work Programme". The Programme proposes to accelerate the construction of new power systems. Explore "new energy + energy storage" integrated development of new models, relying on new energy generation projects, encouraging power grid companies, power generation enterprises, new energy users to jointly build a "shared, centralised" energy storage peaking power station. Promote the construction of Zaozhuang Zhuangli pumped storage power station and demonstration projects of energy storage in Tengzhou, Shanting and Taierzhuang at a high standard, support Shanting District to build a regional energy storage demonstration base with significant influence, and encourage and guide the demonstration and application of energy storage technologies and products in the power system on the side of power generation, transmission and distribution. Promote the expansion of Zaozhuang Station, Changshan Station, new 500 kV projects such as nano regulation, implementation, to protect the demand for power output. Encourage the development and construction of distributed energy storage projects and guide the implementation of commercial energy storage projects. Promote the construction of intelligent distribution network, enhance the intelligent level of the grid control system, and realise the integration of the grid with the Internet, Internet of Things, and intelligent mobile terminals.

Hunan Xiangtan: Enhance the support capacity of diversified energy storage, and vigorously implement "electricity instead of coal" and "electricity instead of oil".

On October 18, Xiangtan City, Hunan Province, issued the "Xiangtan City, electric power construction and power supply three-year action plan (2023-2025)", the deployment of the implementation of the "five major actions", and strive to 2025, basically built a stronger grid, better service, more intelligent use of energy, energy and greener National first-class energy Internet demonstration area.

It is mentioned that, in the implementation of green low-carbon transformation actions, including the distribution network can be open capacity calculation, the distributed new energy grid capacity of Xiangtan City, a comprehensive assessment; constantly optimise the project grid access process, shorten the access time limit, and promote the development of industrial and commercial rooftop photovoltaic development; the completion of the two centralised photovoltaic projects in Heling, Shitan, and the flipping of the river, the pot of heaven two, CiZiQiao, ZengLaoChong, ChangShan two 5 Centralised wind power project construction; enhancement of diversified energy storage support capacity, vigorously implement the "electricity instead of coal" "electricity instead of oil" and so on.

Hefei: according to the power of the charger of the power exchange facilities to give no more than 800 yuan per kilowatt construction subsidies

On 19 October, Hefei Bureau of Economics and Information Technology issued the Notice on Declaring 2023 Hefei Power Exchange Infrastructure Construction Subsidy. The notice makes it clear:

1, declaration time

19th October 2023 - 26th October 2023. The subsidy object is the public and dedicated power exchange facilities that have been built and put into operation since 24 November 2022 to 26 October 2023 (subject to the time of completion and acceptance of the project) and provide power exchange services to the society.

2. Subsidy Standard

Based on the power of the charger of the power exchange facilities to give no more than 800 yuan per kilowatt construction subsidies, construction subsidies for the implementation of the total amount of funds to control, such as the finalised amount exceeds the total amount of funds for the construction subsidies, subsidies in accordance with the principle of the same proportion of the reduction.

Chengdu: annual subsidy of RMB 230 per kW for energy storage demonstration projects; subsidy of RMB 0.3/kWh for projects operating >600h

On 19 October, the Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology issued the "Detailed Rules for the Implementation of Policies and Measures to Optimise Energy Structure and Promote Green and Low Carbon Development in Chengdu City (Draft)", which proposes to support green power to produce hydrogen, subsidize the construction of demonstration projects of energy storage, and subsidize the operation of energy storage projects.

Support for Green Power Hydrogen Production

Support standards: for hydrogen production capacity of 500 standard cubic metres/hour or more (including 500 standard cubic metres/hour) of electrolytic water hydrogen production enterprises, according to the actual electrolytic water hydrogen production power to give 0.15-0.20 yuan/kWh electricity subsidies, subsidies to the household electricity price of not less than 0.3 yuan/kWh or so, the maximum annual subsidy of not more than 20 million yuan.

Subsidy for construction of energy storage demonstration projects

Support standard: For selected user-side, grid-side, power-side and virtual power plant energy storage projects with annual utilisation hours of not less than 600 hours, a subsidy of RMB 230 per kW per year and a maximum of no more than RMB 1 million per project will be granted according to the scale of the storage facility for three consecutive years.

Energy storage project operation subsidy

Support standards: for new energy storage projects put into operation during the period from 2023 to 15 July 2027, if the number of annual utilisation hours is not less than 600 hours, an operating subsidy of RMB 0.3/kWh will be granted in accordance with the actual amount of electricity discharged from the energy storage facility each year, and the maximum annual subsidy for the projects with an installed capacity of less than 50,000 kilowatts, less than 50,000 kilowatts (including 50,000 kilowatts) to 100,000 kilowatts, or more than 100,000 kilowatts (including 100,000 kilowatts) is RMB 5 million yuan respectively. The maximum annual subsidy for the project is 5 million yuan, 8 million yuan and 10 million yuan, respectively, for three consecutive years.

National Energy Board: explore "new energy + storage" and other participation in the electricity spot market

Recently, the General Office of the National Development and Reform Commission, the National Energy Board Comprehensive Department jointly issued a "notice on further accelerating the construction of the electricity spot market". It is clear that, under the premise of ensuring a safe and stable supply of electricity, the full coverage of the electricity spot market will be achieved in an orderly manner. by the end of 2023, most of the provinces/regions in the country will have the conditions for the trial operation of the electricity spot, and will explore new ways to enter the spot market such as "new energy + energy storage".

It is mentioned that, distributed new energy installed capacity accounted for a high proportion of the region, to promote distributed new energy online power to participate in the market, to explore effective mechanisms to participate in the market. Temporarily not involved in the region's spot market of new energy generation subject, should be regarded as the price acceptor to participate in the electricity spot market clearing, can be settled according to the original price mechanism, but in accordance with the rules of information disclosure, and with other operating entities in accordance with the market rules and fair to bear the corresponding imbalance costs.

And, it is necessary to continuously expand the scope of user-side subject participation in the market. Spot market operation of the place, the power grid enterprises to regularly forecast the agent to purchase power industrial and commercial users of electricity consumption and typical load curve, through the field of centralised trading mode (excluding aggregated transactions) agent to purchase power, to report the amount of non-quotations, etc., as a price receiver to participate in the spot market out of the clearing and settlement. Accelerate the research on issues related to the participation of the user side in inter-provincial spot transactions.

Shanghai: to promote the city's virtual power plant regulation capacity of 1 million kilowatts

On October 19, the Shanghai Municipal People's Government issued the "Shanghai Municipality Further Promoting New Infrastructure Construction Action Plan (2023-2026)", which mentioned the establishment of a flexible and shared network of intelligent energy facilities. More than 30,000 new public (including dedicated) charging piles will be built, more than 150 old districts will be upgraded with electric power expansion and upgrading, more than 200,000 smart charging piles will be added cumulatively, and new types of devices for reverse charging of electric vehicles will be deployed on a pilot basis.

At the same time, it will actively develop intelligent distributed renewable energy networks, striving to add 1.5 million kilowatts of photovoltaic power generation terminals. Accelerate the digital transformation of traditional energy networks. Explore the construction of urban electric power charging, storage and a network of "virtual power plant" facilities system, to promote the city's "virtual power plant" regulation capacity of 1 million kilowatts.

Jilin: will actively explore "light charging and switching", "light storage charging and switching" and other innovative application models

October 17, Jilin Energy Bureau to accelerate the new energy vehicle public charging and switching facilities layout of the proposal to reply, which mentioned that the current Jilin Province for charging and switching station power supply mode did not make mandatory requirements, but also encourages the charging and switching infrastructure construction enterprises in the charging station in conjunction with the actual situation, the construction of distributed photovoltaic power generation system and energy storage equipment, using the "light charging and switching", "light storage charging and switching" and other innovative application modes. "Light charging and switching" or "light storage charging and switching" integration mode, to achieve charging and switching facilities in the charging station power supply self-sufficiency. In the way of the current photovoltaic power generation system and energy storage equipment construction investment in the early stage is large, while the charging and switching project profits are low, many operators can not afford the early stage of the larger investment costs, so the province is currently no photovoltaic power generation self-generated self-power supply mode of the charging and switching station.

Next, the province will actively explore "light charging and switching", "light storage charging and switching" and other innovative application modes, encouraging charging and switching enterprises and photovoltaic power generation enterprises, energy storage enterprises to carry out technological cooperation, reduce the upfront construction costs, shorten the cycle of return of funds to promote the "source grid, load and storage", "source grid, load and storage". Coordinated development of "source network, load and storage".