Contributing to intelligent energy storage丨Vision shares won the bid for the energy storage backup procurement project of China Tower Zhejiang Branch

Jul 25, 2022

Recently, with strong technical strength and perfect and meticulous services, Xiongtao shares successfully won the procurement project of 2022 energy storage and power backup cooperation services of China Tower Corporation Zhejiang Branch.

China Tower Company Limited Zhejiang Branch 2022 energy storage and power preparation cooperation service procurement project, to introduce energy management cooperation services in Zhejiang Tower's 6,000 base stations, by the service provider for investment, the tower and the service provider for peak and valley reduction revenue share, the project peak and valley reduction revenue scale of 382,853,000 yuan (including tax).

The announcement shows that the project is divided into 5 bid packages, Xiongtao shares successfully won the bid for package three intelligent lithium battery storage backup service, which is the bid package with the largest number of lithium batteries procured, with a battery capacity of 28.80MWh, the winning bid amount of 85564956 yuan, and the winning bid share of 100%.

The outstanding market performance is inseparable from years of technology accumulation and innovation strength. Vision Group's energy storage product business includes UPS uninterruptible power supply, IDC data centre, optical storage and charging integration, home energy storage, energy storage power station, energy storage operation and maintenance, etc. The business type covers product development, solution solution, system integration, investment and operation, etc. Xiongtao energy storage solutions can not only provide customized products to users, but also provide complete solutions according to customer needs. All solutions combine laddering technology, adopt integrated and modular design, low cost, high stability, high safety and can be applied to a variety of battery installations.

Time saving: simple installation and intelligent operation and maintenance.

Land saving: modular rack design, small footprint for storage.

Save heart: intelligent and predictable operation and maintenance, intelligent monitoring, safe and reliable.

Save money: easy installation and low cost, small loss of intelligent operation and maintenance. Long battery life, lower TCO than lead-acid.

The winning of this project marks a new breakthrough for Vision in the field of smart energy storage and power backup market, which will have a positive impact on the company's development. Looking ahead, Vision Group will continue to innovate, help customers and partners create more value, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of the industry.