Case 丨the Senry brand of Lithium-ion REVO II series for industrial convoy

Dec 28, 2018

Case 丨the Senry brand of Lithium-ion REVO II series for industrial convoy

Information technology has been widely and deeply applied in various aspects of production, operation and management in the industrial field. At the same time, various high-end and precision equipments have also increased greatly. Industrial production is becoming more and more refined, and thus the quality of power supply has been raised. The higher the requirements. Not only does the continuity of the power supply need to be reliably guaranteed, but it also has special requirements for the purity of the power supply. Vision Battery provides YANGZHOU PACIFIC SPECIAL MATERIALS CO., LTD with a new power solution that provides stable, uninterrupted power to critical equipment.

Project Introduction

YANGZHOU PACIFIC SPECIAL MATERIALS CO., LTD is a modern steel raw material and logistics company under the CITIC PACIFIC SPECIAL STEEL HOLDINGS. It has two medium- and high-grade oxidation pellet production lines with an annual output of 3 million tons; a high-grade product with an annual output of 3 million tons. Powder beneficiation production line; a Yangtze River wharf with an annual handling capacity of 20 million tons and capable of providing material transfer business. In order to ensure the stable operation of high-end industrial equipment, YANGZHOU PACIFIC SPECIAL MATERIALS CO., LTD puts forward a very high application standard for key power systems. Since the main equipments are imported and the parameters are initialized beforehand, once started, it will not be able to stop. The SENRY brand lithium battery REVO II series provided by Vision Battery not only has high reliability and high availability, but also has reached the leading level in terms of overload resistance and environmental adaptability.

Compared to the SENRY brand of Lithium-ion REVO I series, the REVO II series has:

1.UPS rack design

2. All front wiring for easy maintenance

3. Increase space utilization by 40%

4.The size and appearance are greatly optimized, and it is in line with the international UPS.

5. modular, intelligent

Not afraid of challenges, determined to innovate

Vision Battery has always adhered to the core concept of “creating value for customers”. It has been on the road of smart energy storage solutions for 24 years. We insist on innovation to meet the needs of customers and have a high brand in the industry. Reputation, reputation and loyalty. In the future, Vision Battery will continue to use technology innovation to drive the development of the entire industry.

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