Đồng Nai Daily journalist visits and researches Vision Battery base in Vietnam

Jan 16, 2023

Recently, KHAN MINH, a journalist from Đồng Nai Daily, and his team from Vision Vietnam Base conducted a research and inspection tour.

Đồng Nai Daily is the official newspaper of Đồng Nai Province and belongs to the national mainstream media of Vietnam. After listening to the development history of our company for many years, visiting the production site and having a cordial conversation with the Vietnamese management, KHAN MINH, a reporter from Đồng Nai Daily, highly appreciated the Vision Vietnam base and fully affirmed the promising achievements made by the company since its roots in Vietnam and its ability to contribute to the economic export of Dong Nai province despite the global economic downturn.

Vietnam base production line - Đồng Nai Daily News page

Vietnam's national trade surplus in 2022 is reported to be about US$11.2 billion, with Đồng Nai province alone having a trade surplus of nearly US$5.7 billion, accounting for more than half of the country's total. The above achievement is the result of the province's selective investment promotion and priority support for industrial projects.

As an important overseas production base for Vision Battery, the Vietnam base has been actively involved in the local economy and fulfilled its social responsibility since its completion in 2007. With a production capacity of 250,000 KVAH/month and an annual output value of RMB 1.25 billion, the Vision Battery Vietnam base has been awarded as a "Trusted Enterprise for Export" by the Ministry of Commerce of Vietnam for three consecutive years.