Vision intelligent lithium storage platform

As a professional manufacturer of battery energy storage systems,Vision energy storage product business includes Base station energy storage,UPS uninterruptible power supply, IDC data centre, optical storage and charging integration, home energy storage, energy storage power station, energy storage operation and maintenance, etc. The business type covers product development, solution solution, system integration, investment and operation, etc. Vision energy storage solutions can not only provide customized products to users, but also provide complete solutions according to customer needs. All solutions combine laddering technology, adopt integrated and modular design, low cost, high stability, high safety and can be applied to a variety of battery installations.

Advantages of Vision energy storage products
Ultra-long life

Good compatibility and safe long cycle life, low energy consumption technology to ensure stability, good performance in cell cycling and storage.

High efficiency gain

The trifecta of high reliability, long life and high energy efficiency of the battery system gives Renewable Energy + Energy Storage an advantage in terms of system benefits over the whole life cycle.

Stable and reliable

Vision battery's self-developed high-performance lithium iron phosphate batteries are safe, reliable and long-lasting. It can improve energy availability and reduce energy waste.

Green and intelligent

Vision battery's self-developed intelligent lithium-ion energy storage platform, with real-time monitoring and balanced management, effectively reduces operation and maintenance costs.

The intelligent lithium storage platform (EMS) developed by Vision Battery has been equipped with equipment access and management capabilities. Some of the visualized data of this EMS cloud platform include: total installed capacity of the system, station distribution, operation status, charging and discharging capacity, and operation revenue status.

Based on IoT, cloud platform and smart lithium technology, Vision Battery EMS integrates smart boosting, smart peak shaving, smart consolidation and smart cloud management to meet the needs of all scenarios of base station energy storage applications. It brings solutions and business models that maximize power supply efficiency and reduce TCO for users.

The main functional features and revenue generating models of Vision Battery EMS include

Peak shaving and valley filling:
With high safety, excellent cycling performance and fast charging capability, LiFePO4 is the best choice to participate in peak shaving. The Vision Battery EMS automatically matches the peak and valley tariffs of different regions and intelligently executes a time-sharing strategy, creating considerable economic benefits for users directly through the peak-to-valley price difference. It also leaps communication base stations into distributed energy storage power stations.

Intelligent integration and capacity expansion:
Vision Battery EMS has dynamic capacity configuration function, which allows dynamic capacity formulation according to demand, and the system can be seamlessly integrated into the existing base station power management system. The system supports mixed use of old and new energy storage systems, and for stock sites, smooth expansion can be carried out according to actual demand, protecting existing investment and reducing new investment.

Remote management and intelligent operation and maintenance:
Vision Battery EMS has remote management and intelligent operation and maintenance functions, providing many functions and modules such as intelligent reports, work order tracking, firmware remote upgrade and API interface. The system monitors the operation status of on-grid batteries 24X7, and provides real-time warning and processes terminal alarm information, such as SOC, temperature, differential pressure, short circuit, etc. Through big data and AI analysis and prediction, the system performs intelligent analysis and positioning of faults to maximise the reduction of O&M costs.

Classic cases

  • A 50MW/100MW energy storage project

    Project:A 50MW/100MW energy storage project

    Battery Type:Lithium Iron Phosphate

    Capacity: 50MW/100MW

    Project Function:Smoothing unstable scenic power, promoting new energy consumption, providing peak and frequency regulation and other auxiliary services for power system operation, and improving the flexibility of the power system

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