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VISH-45 A Fuel Cell Engine

VISH-45 A Fuel Cell Engine

This product is the first-generation fuel cell engine system developed by Vision HydraV for small and medium passenger cars, logistics vehicles and sanitation vehicles. The system is reasonably designed, highly integrated, and has the advantages of high power density, good durability, strong stability, fast startup speed, strong environmental adaptability, and convenient maintenance.


+ Highly integrated, high power density, fast startup speed

+ Wide output power coverage, suitable for a variety of models

+ Modular design, easy to maintain

+ Over 100 system tests and verification tests, strong stability and strong environmental adaptability

+ Cooperate with a number of OEMs for loading, with clear operation control strategies


+ Medium and small passenger cars

+ Logistics vehicle

+ Sanitation vehicle

General Specifications

Performance parameter
Rated net output power(kW)45
Rated current(A)336
Rated voltage(VDC)150~240
CoolantCommercial coolant
Physical parameter
Outline size(mm)L755*W600*H640
IP protection levelIP67
Vibration resistanceComply with SAE J2380
Control interfaceCAN BUS
Working conditions
Hydrogen inlet pressure(MPa)2
Air inlet pressure(kPa)30~100
Coolant inlet pressure(kPa)10~80
Coolant inlet temperature(℃)-10~50
Ambient temperature(℃)-30~43
Operating environment humidity(%RH)5~95
Storage temperature(℃)-40~60