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VISH-130A Fuel Cell Engine

VISH-130A Fuel Cell Engine

VISH-130A series fuel cell engine is a high-power fuel cell engine system developed by Wuhan HydraV Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology Co., Ltd. for large heavy trucks, medium heavy trucks and some special vehicles. The components of the system adopt a modular integrated design and the whole machine has high power density and good matching performance of each subsystem. The engine control has a solid foundation, a reasonable control strategy structure, a mature, stable and reliable control method. The engine and its parts have undergone various performance and environmental adaptability tests, and the engine's overall performance has been certified by the National Automobile Testing Agency. Later maintenance is convenient and quick. The experienced maintenance team can quickly troubleshoot engine failures and ensure stable and reliable engine performance.

General Specifications

Performance parameter
Model VISH-120A
Rated net output power(kW) 120
Rated current(A) 320
Rated voltage(VDC) 424~770
Efficiency(%) ≥45%
Oxidant air
Fuel H2
Coolant Commercial coolant
Physical parameter
Outline size(mm) L980*W842.4*H650
IP protection level IP67
Vibration resistance Comply with SAE J2380
Control interface CAN BUS
Working conditions
Hydrogen inlet pressure(MPa) 2
Air inlet pressure(kPa) 10~80
Coolant inlet pressure(kPa) 10~80
Coolant inlet temperature(℃) -20~60
Ambient temperature(℃) -20~45
Operating environment humidity(%RH) 5~95
Storage temperature(℃) -30~45
Altitude(m) ≤3000