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VRLA Battery
V-LFP48V 5G Series


This series is a distributed base station battery system with an integrated design, which is developed by Vision Group for 5G applications and other scenarios requiring high-current backup batteries. Batteries of this series can be installed on a poll or wall to provide uninterrupted power supply to wireless communication devices in shopping malls, railway stations, airports, parking lots, office buildings, and other buildings.



1.Positive electrode made of LiFePO4 (LFP), ensuring high safety and a long service life
2.Compatible with a variety of communication power supply devices
3.Built-in BMS system with multiple protection and communication functions, which ensures high reliability of the battery pack and enables real-time monitoring of battery data over a long distance
4.Low internal resistance, with efficient internal balance of the battery control circuit
5.Wide working temperature range and high reliability
6.Support for parallel connection of battery packs


1.Outdoor small base stations
2.Hotspot coverage in urban areas
3.Wall-mounting or pole-mounting


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